It has been observed that girls and boys bringing excessive tuck which is not only hampering daily hostel routine but also the health of the children. In view of this you are requested not to send packet foods which will affect the child’s health. Chewing gums are also not allowed. Children are not allowed to bring more than six packets of tuck at the most.


Children will not be allowed to bring valuables and expensive toys to the hostel and that the hostel will not be responsible for such valuables. We request you to kindly co-operate with us by making sure that your child does not bring any valuable things, music players, camera. If any of the mentioned things is found, it will be confiscated. Only limited number of toys should be sent with the children. We also request you not to give extra pocket money to your child because it results in the child’s inappropriate and unnecessary indulgence.


Mobile Phone is allowed from class IX to XII but only on Saturday and Sunday that too after study hour. Parents / Guardians are request to hand over the Mobile phone to the hostel in- charge. Hostel Authorities is not responsible for the maintenance like recharge etc. or damage of mobile phone.


Special Note:

A HIGH STANDARD OF DISCIPLINE IS EXPECTED FROM THE STUDENTS ALL THE TIME. Not only discipline of manner and speech but also discipline ofdress. Boys will be expected to have proper haircuts, regardless of prevailing fashion. Senior boys, who shave, must do so everyday. Girls with long hair will be expected to plait it, and no rings, jewellery, bracelets and the likes will be tolerated. If earrings are worn just a simple stud or a smallwill be permitted.Students, specially boys, found to be with uniforms that are not prescribed by the school will be penalised, and new uniform that conform to regulation will be provided at the cost and charged to pupil concerned.
All Correspondence regarding the child etc. should be made at the following address:

Mrs. S. Pradhan
, Vidhya Boarding  House,
Taxari Road, P. Box. #26,

Phone: (03552) 255724/259589

Mobile: +91 8927029367 / +91 9434007103




    Once the child is under our care, please note that no other relatives are allowed to take them from the hostel even for a day unless we get an authorized letter from the parents / guardians.

  • These Rules Apply During The Holidays too...
  • Children may stay out during holidays specified in the school calendar provided parent’ s / Guardian's request in writing are received at least 48 hrs.in advance. No child may leave the hostel before the stipulated time indicated on the calendar and on no account may retum late. Students returning late from long leave will be fined at the discretion of the school authority. However, If a child falls sick during vacation, he/ she may return after recovery, for which a medical certificate must be submitted. Parents / Guardians may visit their child / children in the hostel compound on Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and on Sunday from 12.00 noon to  4.30 p.m. KINDLY OBSERVE THIS ‘TIMING STRICTLY.
    At the time of admission in the hostel a registration fee will be charged.


Parents and guardians may visit their wards in the hostel, once a month either Saturdays or Sundays.
2. Boarders should get permission from the Hostel Superintendent to leave the hostel campus, at all times.
3. Boarders will not be permitted to stay in hotels or in the town during short/long holidays unless their parents are with them.
4. Visiting video parlours/pools/clubs, unless accompanied by their parents; is not permitted. This may result in suspension and/or other disciplinary measures.
6. Boarders leaving the hostel in the middle of the year should pay Two months hostel fee. Such candidates will forfeit the security deposit and only Parent or   Local Guardian can withdraw they student.
6. In case of withdrawal before the completion of 3 years or in the middle of the session, with or without notice, the security deposit will be forfeited.
7. Boarders involved in fights, abuse of drugs, consumption of alcohol, stealing will incur automatic expulsion. The same is applicable for those who abscond from the hostel.
8. Boarders are allowed to receive phone calls every Saturday or Sundays.
9. The borders are requested to go with the school uniform during the holidays and come back to the hostel with the school uniform.
10. Absolute silence is observed in the study hall, and dormitory.